Grillby's Rogues' Gallery

Illustrated by saffronscarf

Grillby, holding a toasted marshmallow

Profile: Grillby

Although he's made of fire, ironically, he prefers the cold. That's why he moved from Hotland.

The flames in his body are magical and can be controlled... except when he gets angry or flustered. Fortunately, he has a cool and collected personality. He's also very quiet. Hearing him speak in the bar could be considered a rare treat. Outside of it, it's not known if he speaks more.

Make no mistake, he can burn something with his body. But at its coldest, the flame's heat is like a hot water bottle, and the waves of the heat feel like silk.

The glasses he serves are very thick. When you pick them up, the outside will always be hot from his hand, but the inside stays nice and cool. With a little ice, it's just about perfect.

Framed photo of a Grillby-shaped snowman sitting on a shelf

If you visit Grillby's, it's best to order a hot drink, because he can heat it up by hand. The hot chocolate in particular is nice, because he toasts the marshmallows in his palm.

Used to resent he couldn't make a snowman by hand. However, one day, two children made a snowman in the shape of him. He hangs a picture of it up in his bar and considers it his prized photograph.

Bunny, dizzy, eating fries

Profile: Bunny

Always complaining that she wishes there were more hot guys around. However, she generally just sits in one place and takes no particular action towards anything constantly eating fries until she gets dizzy.

Occasionally flirts with Grillby and Sans, who she calls "Sansy". Sometimes asks Grillby to toast marshmallows in his mouth for her. Now he no longer even touches her food, choosing instead to use the redundant heating element he has in the back.

Bird, holding a mug

Profile: Bird

Due to Grillby's silence on the job, she often tries to "translate" what he's thinking to the other customers for him.

She enjoys this responsibility and considers it a good deed, despite the fact that she's sometimes wrong.

Sometimes has disagreements with Sans because he tends to call her out when she gets it wrong, to Grillby's relief.

However, Sans's corrected "translation" of what Grillby wants to say is always even worse, often prompting Grillby to step in.

Lets the Bunny steal her fries.

Fish, wearing a tank top, slightly dazed

Profile: Fish

A slovenly type, his "usual" is a drink where fish food is scattered on top and set aflame.

Keeps trying to "get" a girlfriend but only uses methods resembling harmless animal traps. Examples include an unmanned fishing pole, a stick and box, etc.

His dating app profile is a picture of a big cheese and the name is "100% REAL". Doesn't understand why he doesn't get matches.

Takes Grillby's silence as affirmative, which is unfortunate when he's detailing his plans.

Surprisingly, gets along well with everyone else.

Punk, wearing sunglasses, holding milk with a straw

Profile: Punk

A younger-seeming patron. Always orders hot milk or a cola and says he's going to order something else cooler when he gets older.

However, no matter how many birthdays pile up, he just orders the same thing.

Elitist towards people from Hotland and the city. However, hypocritically idolizes Grillby, and often goes to the city for concerts.

Mouth, grimacing

Profile: Mouth

A bit of a gourmet. Tries everything on the menu and reviews it for the local newspaper. (The newspaper didn't ask for this, but appreciates it.)

Despite the appearance, usually only takes small portions and eats very politely.

Has a lucrative job in the medical industry, and uses the money to buy exotic foods off of Sans, like "Sea Tea", "Glamburger", or even "Fried Snow."

There's a rumor that there's a family member whose face looks like a nose, and a few more that look like eyes.

Dogs, playing poker and/or kissing at a table

Profile: Dogs

Ever present, generating hair and playing cards. Although they keep trying to pay in bones and leave quite a mess, they are very loyal and the place feels empty if even one of them is gone.

(They pay all of the tab when Undyne comes in, so it evens out.)

The dogs all at a table doing 'cheers'
Dogs lapping up the drink out of the glasses with their tongue, spilling it everywhere as grillby watches stoically in the background
Sans, leaning on the bar, drinking ketchup labeled 'The Usual'

Profile: Sans

The first day he appeared, he sat down and said "i'll take the usual."

Acting like an old time customer, he often made everyone laugh so he was quickly accepted as one.

Puts all of his orders on some kind of tab. How much of this gets paid, and when is known only to Grillby and Sans.

Seems to get along well with Grillby, sometimes helping him with odd jobs.

Rarely, when Grillby has to step out, he's even been seen running the bar.

Just make sure you have a sense of humor when you make your order...

(sans cooly behind the bar) your drink? it's on the house.
(shows it on the roof of the bar outside with an arrow pointing at it.)
Papyrus, busting through the Grillby's door, yelling for his brother

Profile: Papyrus

Sometimes appears, if nothing other than to drag his brother back to home (or to work).

Apologizes profusely to Grillby and attempts to pay for his brothers "tab" with various bones.

Explain the values and rarity of various bones, and sometimes trades with Grillby for the bones he has been "paid" from by the dogs.

Generally doesn't eat the food because he thinks the grease will make him "break out".

However, can be convinced to have a hot chocolate or hot milk.

Temmie, breaking out in hives

Profile: Temmie

Breaks out if eats the food due to a change in diet

(Eats the food)