Halloween 2023

* Today, many good children go around their neighborhood to gather gifts and sweets.

* You, however, have grown tired of the familiar faces and familiar candies.

* Filled with the desire for something new, you strike out for the strange house on the hill... The one no other dares approach.

* You reach the door.

> Trick or treat.

* A white paw extends out of the mail slat.

* ... Huh? Instead of candy, you were given...

* Some kind of letter?

* It seems to be addressed to you.

* This must be a mistake! This isn't edible at all! You figured you would end this adventure with a bag full of candy!

* In a flight of anger, you throw open the door, and...!

((annoying dog underneath a blanket looking like a ghost.))

* Something terrifying was standing in the doorway!

* ... from somewhere you heard a voice.

* Hey, you!

* The letter you are holding... It looks very much like a news, doesn't it.

Papyrus as a vampire, and sans

* Although, it's smaller than normal. I guess that's also scary.


Papyrus as Frankenstein's monster, and sans

Chapter 3 is pretty much content complete! There will be essentially no more changes to dialogue or gameplay from here. Hooray!

On my birthday, a friend came over to my house and played through the whole thing.

It was very gratifying to see them laugh at all of the stupid jokes we've labored over for years. It took a long time to get here, but now it feels like everything will be downhill.

After they completed it, I asked "did anything seem incomplete" and they mentioned that "the bullets seemed kind of hard..."

I nodded and forgot about this feedback immediately.

Obviously, releasing a game takes many more steps than just finishing the gameplay and graphics. But, people are already transitioning back into working on Chapter 4. Everyone is very excited to work on the next part!

When we started Chapter 3, to be honest, it took a lot of trial and error to figure out how it would work. But, with Chapter 4, I already feel very confident about how we can progress.

images of various characters dressed up. Ex. Sans dressed up as a skeleton


The cast of DELTARUNE wearing mismatched costumes

So, now that Chapter 3 is nearing completion... I think it's a good time to re-discuss how we will release DELTARUNE for purchase.

My original plan was to release Chapter 3, 4, and 5 together. However, the finish line of Chapter 5 is still pretty far off... and I don't think anybody really wants to wait that long to release anything. Especially me.

So, new strategy: No more waiting for Chapter 5. Instead, we are going to focus on putting DELTARUNE out for purchase once we finish Chapter 4. That should make everything a bit more reasonable!

Chapter 4 already has a very substantial amount of cutscenes and enemy work done. Also, I've hired a new producer whose entire job it will be to speed up the overall game development for future chapters. So, I feel very optimistic about the next steps of this project.

That being said though, I think I'm going to pause on more detailed development updates for now. Instead, I'll just let you guys know if the development is getting close to completion, or if something funny happens.

Mew Mew and Undyne with mismatched outfits, Alphys taking a photo


Toriel and Frisk with swapped outfits

All right, back to Halloween. Ready for a scary fact?

Halloween... is technically the 5th Anniversary of DELTARUNE.

... that was scary, wasn't it?

For this special day, I've interviewed some of the Development Team of DELTARUNE Chapter 2! Let's reminisce on some standard memories about developing the game!

DELTARUNE Chapter 2 staff illustrations



((annoying dog underneath a blanket looking like a ghost.))

* What the!? How is it over already!? This letter was too short! That has to be some sort of crime.

* You reached out to tear away the blanket of the culprit...

blanket on the ground

* ... But there was no one underneath!

* Instead, only the stench of candy hangs in the air...

* ...

* ... Did you find what you were looking for after all...?

Pumpkin with sans' face on it