The Greatest Living Show

By Bani, Itoki, & Toby

Art Book

Contains 172 pages of illustrations, concept art, creator commentary, and more

Bundle: Physical Art Book, Poster, and Carnival Ticket

Art Book

  • 172 Page Art Book
  • 14" Folded Poster
  • Carnival Ticket

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Digital Art Book PDF

Art Book

  • 172 Page Art Book
  • PDF Download

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On moonlit nights,

Within this great fair, a carousal awaits.

An audience of shadows, rocking in merriment

To the greatest show, oh, perhaps the greatest ever been told.

Dancers, perfumed in milk and honey

Lyons, roaring like the orchestral pit

And the ringmaster, with his most alluring smile...

I, too, wish to stand upon his stage.

The Greatest Living Show Credits
  • Video by Bani
  • Music & Story by Toby Fox
  • Vocals & Lyrics by Itoki Hana
  • Mastering by Kataoka Yasuhisa
  • Violin by Noel Sadwin
  • Piano by Carlos Eiene
  • Transcription by Marcy Nabors

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